Making Marijuana Juice for E Cigarette Vaporizers


Gone may be the days of “smoking carcinogens” in marijuana! As cigarette smokers continue to be hampered by new laws legislating just where you can light up, e-cigarettes have begun replacing the butts. A healthier alternative ( even though the science is still out as to the detrimental aspects which could be attributed to using e-cigs) is most likely to be to buy some juice and fill up a “pen” to get your nicotine fix. But, of course, cannabis connoisseurs the world over all thought the same thing as they gazed at those puffing on vape. “Could you use a vape pen to smoke marijuana?” . Well, the answer turns out to be Yes! And you can even learn how to make your own vape oil yourself! Double win. I know. There are already some pens made especially for waxes, and many of these work great, however I am interested in just making some juice for your run of the mill e-cig you can buy at your local tobacco shop.

So, the juice is generally made from a few commonly available ingredients. They include Propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Use only 100% usp food grade vegetable glycerine! Another fun thing which can be done with making tinctures or vape juiec is to mix your flavors up a bit. For instance you could add some mint to marijuana and get a minty marijuana mix!

So, the first thing you’re going to need is at least 5 grams of weed. Take this and seriously grind it until it’s dust. Sometimes it’s best to actually let the weed totally dry out before grinding it to ensure that you’re essentially turning that weed to dust. If you’ve got access to kief, then even better! After it’s all ground up you can let it sit for another day to get even more dry and allow some of the green matter to fall away. Next you’ll need 2 to 4 ounces of the highest proof alcohol you can find. Like everclear. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or any shit like this. Make sure it’s drinkable!


Put everything into a mason jar and then fill it up with your everclear. If your weed starts sucking up some of the alcohol, then simply add more. Shake it like a mad man, and then find a dark place to store it for 2 weeks. Every day you should go and check on it and shake it up again. After two weeks have passed (generally the longer you wait, the better) get a strainer and separate out all the plant matter from the leaves and buds (cheese cloth works well for this. ) Sterilize a new jar to hold your tincture, and now add in 3 parts of your food grade glycerin. Put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Now your juice is ready to roll. You can get a syringe or some other sucking device which will allow you to transfer the oil from the jar into a little epen juice bottle. Get a feel for it, usually a few puffs will do the trick, but obviously this depends greatly on your tolerance as well as how potent the mixture you created is. Vape on!

Here’s a video if you still have questions!