Robbie Williams Loves Cannabis But It Made Him Fat

Robbie Williams says he loved smoking cannabis – but had to stop because the drug made him fat.

Apparently Williams would get a mad case of the munchies after taking loads of bong hits. More proof that Medical Marijuana actually works 🙂 No need to do any more tests to see if marijuana increases appetite among chemo patients. Just ask Robbie Williams! lol

Williams, 36, who still considers himself an alcoholic has widely decried alcohol as something that ruined his life. However he recently referred to cannabis as a “lovely drug” which unfortunately didn’t “mix well with me”. Didn’t mix with what? You eating an entire box of twinkies at 3 am? Chub Rock

Williams went on to further talk about his “year of the munchies” and stated “Did you see me last year? Have a look at last year. Yep. Year of the Munchie 2009.”

“Weed, it’s such a lovely drug. It is such a lovely drug. But it doesn’t mix well with me – at all.”

“It doesn’t take much to trigger – I mean, I’ll get psychosis from having this cup of tea!”

“Seriously. The caffeine in that’s enough. Yeah. A cup of tea will make me feel like shit.”

“But it’s just a shame about weed, because I did love it.”

Here’s a hint Robbie. Put down the twinkies, not the bong! And you won’t get FAT!

Prohibitionists and Anti-Drug government funded bureaucrats threw around their fake rage and sound bites as usual talking about how it was a travesty that a role model like Williams would say that marijuana was a “wonderful, lovely drug”. You can see one of these idiot sycophants at the end of this video. Touting the usual bullshit about how marijuana use leads to psychosis (something which has been recently completely debunked by the scientific community)

Ironically enough Williams was sent into rehab not for use of marijuana but instead of PRESCRIPTION drugs which he had become addicted to. So let me get this right. This story is about how marijuana made robbie williams get fat, and then they talk about how this is terrible. Meanwhile, the man is addicted to prescription drugs and there isn’t even a mention of them. Why not make a piece about how Valium or OxyContin ruins people’s lives? Perhaps they refuse because pharmaceutical companies or some of the biggest advertisers on television. How about making a segment about how McDonalds, and High Fructose Corn Syrup make you fat? Oh no, can’t say anything bad about junk food or soft drinks, don’t want to upset the advertisers. it’s the weed. yep. Weed makes you fat. lol

Bunch of fucking morons.