Female and Male Marijuana Plants- Determining Sex

It can be really tough to tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant. But you’ve got to learn how to do it sooner or later as it is completely vital to growing potent buds. The only reason why you may want a male plant anywhere near a female plant would be if you were breeding two strains and trying to conjure up your own new strain. Otherwise you’ve got to get rid of males the second you see them.

For all of you completely new to growing. It’s good to have a little background information on the basics of horticulture and botany. What a male plant does is release pollen. This is a small powder. You’ll see bees covered in it on summer days. Well think of that pollen as sperm, but imagine that women can get pregnant from invisible sperm floating around in the air. Pretty scary eh? I imagine you’d see a lot of females wearing gas masks in public. So. In the case of marijuana plants, the pollen from the male plant will fertilize the female plant. What does this do? well. This will make your female plant produce seeds. Worse than seed production is the fact that having a female plant create seeds also takes up valuable energy which could be put into making sticky buds. This is why most commercial marijuana available is what’s called “sinsemilla” or “seedless”. The weed is grown indoors and the males are immediately removed, or more commonly, clones are used which ensures that all the plants will be female. New advances in seed technology has also created the ability to make feminized seeds. These are remarkably reliable and a good way to ensure you only get female plants
Take a look at this video and you should get a good idea of the main differences between male and female plants.