Top 10 Places to Stash Weed


One of the interesting things about marijuana culture is that it involves many different elements which are common across cultures. One of those elements is the idea of “the stash”.  For thousands of years weed has been put into various containers and boxes, and because of prohibition the most common stashes now are also designed with the idea of hiding marijuana. This has lead to a multitude of  ingenius designs which can be made with cheap, household materials and can also hide your herb safely where it won’t arouse suspicion.  In this list I’ve included a couple of stashes which can be purchased from our advertisers in the sidebar, but the majority of these items are just hacked household items which cost next to nothing.

Tennis ball stash. 

This is an old school stash which was primarily used for street dealing and is basically known by every cop on the planet if you’re on the street. However I imagine if you’ve got a set of balls in a gym bag with your workout shorts and a towel that this could work as a great place to stash some buds.

Old book stash

The classic stash which has been used to conceal various items throughout the ages. I first read about these in old Sherlock Holmes novels so the idea is nothing new. But they’re fun and easy to make and pretty discrete!

Stash weed in deodorant

Remember those tennis balls in your gym bag? Might be a good idea to throw some deodorant in there as well right? This is really ingenious for a few reasons. For one, the ball can’t be popped out without the use of the screwdriver, and two, the thing reeks of perfume so the scent is completely non existent.

Stash box from kleenex

That box of kleenex sitting on top of the toilet can be a perfect place to hide your herb. Generally people tend t think that weed will be hidden somewhere where it should be hidden like a drawer or a desk, but sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

Stash in a box of cards

A variation of the book stash but this time done with a deck of cards.

Stash weed in dental floss

I’m guessing that this would be a great stash if placed in the right place, like a medicine cabinet, however I doubt this would be a safe way to take weed on a trip. Seems like it would be just too obvious.

Altoids stash box

A classic little box which can be purchased at any local convenience store has been used as a stash for weed for a long time.

Marijuana stash Playstation

Made by gutting out an old Playstation and then you pop the top open and tadaaaa!

Marijuana stash in a Playstation 2

Not sure if sony modified the original playstation model just to incorporate a place to hide some weed but it sure seems like it. The expansion slot on the PS2 is the perfect place to hide some nugs.

Weed stash in a table

While this table wasn’t made with the idea of hiding weed in mind, it sure would work perfectly to do so. The sliding portion fits snugly underneath the laminate covering and the fact that it’s just a single sheet of plywood makes it unlikely that anyone would think to pull it open. The device the man is holding actually fits underneath the drawer and pull it from the bottom so there is nothing on the front that indicates it can be opened.