Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Legal Hemp in Kentucky

On February 11th the Senate Committee on Agriculture made an historic vote which approves the production of industrial hemp in the state.

As Senator Rand Paul donned a shirt made of hemp in front of the committee he expounded upon how he would work with President Obama to issue a Federal waver which would allow the state to actually start producing hemp.

Nonetheless the prohibitionists showed up to the committee hearing making such laughable claims such as the common misnomer that you can “still get high from hemp” and that legalizing the production of industrial hemp would lead to higher crime rates (still not sure how the two are related, unless there’s an uprising of cotton farmers who start taking out their competition).

Mitch McConnel and other high profile sponsors came out in support of the Bill. On the other hand you had the Kentucky Police Department which argued in a recent debate you can watch below that the police “can’t tell the difference” between the two plants (cannabis sativa, and Hemp).

In the interest of informing those who don’t know the difference between hemp and cannabis I’ve added the following video which investigates just what can be made with hemp, but also the differences between industrial hemp and cannabis. Clearly there are a few noticable differences so to say that Police couldn’t be trained to spot these differences just goes to illustrate how insane the drug war has made us. Currently Hemp (which has absolutely no psychoactive properties unless you smoke a joint about the size of your head) is not only listed as a schedule I narcotic, but it also (according to the DEA) has a higher propensity for abuse and addiction than Cocaine, Pcp, and Methamphetmaines (also Schedule II drugs), and they all keep a straight face sticking to this policy when absolutely no one (except perhaps misinformed 12 year olds) is smoking industrial hemp products on a consistent basis. I can’t really imagine the addictive properties of smoking a hemp purse, and I’m no scientist, but I’ve got a feeling that cocaine, PCP, and meth may just be a bit more addictive than a hemp hacksack.

Here you can watch the full Documentary The Hemp Revolution