Best Comedy Movies to Smoke Weed and Watch

In previous movie lists I’ve looked at what some of the top films involving the smoking of marijuana are. In this list I’m not necessarily looking for references to weed, but rather what are the best movies to smoke weed and watch. This list will only involve comedies which have that special something which makes me chuckle after toking up. I believe there are certain qualities to all of these films. For one, the stories are all quite simple, and some would call the humor base, or even stupid. I’m not implying that weed smokers are stupid and couldn’t keep up with Les Miserables, I’m simply saying that there is a special style of humor which is tapped into after one takes a few gravity bong rips. It’s an ephemeral place, and difficult to articulate just what makes these great films to smoke weed and watch, however, I’m guessing that a good majority of you potheads out there reading this have an understanding just what that special “green factor” is which makes these movies resonate.

23. Get him to the Greek

22. Revenge of the Nerds

21. Beverly Hills Cop

20. The Jerk

19. Me, Myself, and Irene

18. Hot Tub Time machine

17. Young Frankenstein

16. Napoleon Dynamite

15. Blazing Saddles

14. Clerks

13. Groundhog Day

12. Blues Brothers

11. Knocked Up

10. Super Troopers

9. The Big Lebowski

8. Ghost Busters

7. Austin Powers

6. Spaceballs

5. Shaun of the Dead

4. Superbad

3. Anchorman

2. The Hangover (starts at .23)

1. Monty Python and The Holy Grail