Stealth Growing Marijuana

A stealth grow is a small and discreet marijuana grow which is generally done in modified enclosures that are made to resemble ordinary furniture or household items. Generally the intent of a stealth grow is to conceal the growing of marijuana, as well as have some fun in modifying what’s available.

These grows are generally done in soil, and utilize CFL ( compact fluorescent lights ) since they emit little heat and can be easily maneuvered into small and unusual enclosures.

In the following grow we can see that a chest of drawers has been re-purposed and made into a great little stealth grow container.  The front drawers have all been sealed together, making a door.


Opening these doors reveals a glorious micro-growery flourishing inside!


A closer look reveals a rack full of CFL bulbs nourishing a nice crop of SCROG baby marijuana plants.


The Screen of Green method involves using a wire mesh which necessitates each new branch of the marijuana plant to grow into a cola.