Using Marijuana to Cure a Hangover

It’s easy for one drink to become a few, to quickly becoming too many. As someone who previously was a heavy drinker I significantly reduced my alcohol intake by adhering to a simple rhyme/mantra I made for myself and that was “If you gotta pee, smoke weed!” . I suppose it makes it easier that I live in a country where marijuana consumption and cultivation is basically legal . But yeah, the first step to reducing the effects of a hangover is by not drinking too much. But now that your head hurts, and your stomach is getting a bit upset, and your intestines probably are inflamed, and you’ve got the beer shits. Well, now is the time to get well! Hangover cures are obviously quite varied, and everyone has their own system, but for me, marijuana was invaluable to cure those hangover pains.

First lets look at why your body is pissed off at you, and then we’ll talk a bit about how marijuana can help subside these unwanted symptoms.

Alcohol makes you piss more. When you piss more, you become dehydrated. A good way to battle this is to ingest alcohol which is high in water content. Beer is basically liquified fiber and it shoots through your system ( why you get the beer shits ) , but other drinks such as gin and tonics and wine spritzers are both great drinks where you can consume more than twice the amount of water as opposed to alcohol. But now that it’s the next day you don’t want to drink water right? I know, it sucks. So I would suggest finding some food which induces thirst. Such as chips, mashed potatoes, or even a big fat peanut butter sandwich. Because you want to get some food in so you can expel all the bad shit built up in your stomach and intestines because you drank too much. Marijuana can aid in both hunger, and it obviously also dries out your mouth which makes you drink. You get the idea? Yeah. A bonghit can be a great way to get that upset stomach craving a buritto and downing a fat glass of water! You’ll be happy once you get some food into your system.

Weed makes you tired. You know what your body wants to do more than else when you’re suffering from a hangover? Go the fuck to sleep! Right? So after your meal you can take another fatty bongbowl and find a mind numbingly stupid film. Something like Maid in Manhattan, or some other idiotic hollywood bullshit. You don’t want to like the movie you’re watching because then you’ll be pissed off that you can’t follow the plot. Also, stupid and boring films also make you want to close your eyes and fall asleep. Which you should do. Go to sleep!

Cannabis is used to treat nausea. You know how mariuana came into the limelight as having medicinal value? It was with cancer patients who needed to induce hunger and subside nausea. And this shit works! Often the last thing you want to do when you’re sick is smoke something. I’ve forced myself to just take a half a little hit just so my nausea symptoms would subside and it works fantastically!

The last thing that marijuana can help treat when you’ve got is inflammation. Yes, that’s right! Weed has been shown to be an anti-inflammatory and that means that when your blood vessels can expand ( causing those fucking headaches ) marijuana can help aid in reliving these pains!

Now, as always, everyone is different, and so I am just letting you know how I’ve used cannabis to treat my hangovers. Some times when I feel lightheaded and uneasy I wouldn’t smoke just because I didn’t want to feel even more out of it. So for severe hangovers I think all you can do is drink, eat, and get a lot of sleep. But for those mini-hangovers , I’ve been very happy with the results I’ve got with using just a little bit of weed to help them along. As always, remember that your dose should be incremental, and slow. The last thing you want to be is too stoned, and sick. So I start slow with a little mini hit.