Munchies Recipe 01 – Spicy Popcorn!

One of the great benefits of smoking marijuana, and the subsequent effects of getting stoned is a craving for food. A lot of times this food isn’t the healthiest in the world, but damn does it taste good! In this new series of videos I’m exploring some different recipes to satiate your hunger when you’ve been smoking some cannabis and come down with a case of the munchies. As always, these are best enjoyed in moderation, just as with everything. And for every “unhealthy” munchy recipe I’ll make a healthy alternative for the next video.

In the first video we go straight to the heart of what a lot of people crave after smoking weed, and that’s some high fat, high flavor junk food. I’m not aware of any studies as to why potheads crave these types of foods when they’re stoned but I’m guessing that it’s often because there’s a blast of different flavors and we know that smoking marijuana can enhance our sense of taste.

So for this recipe you will need the following.

A bag of microwave popcorn

A cup


Tabasco sauce

First just pop the popcorn like normal in the microwave. Then cut a chunk of butter and plop it in a cup. Then add some tabasco to the cup. Nuke it. Once the the butter is melted, dump out the contents of popcorn from the bag into a bowl. Fill the big and coat all the walls of it with the butter/tabasco mix. Then drop all of the popcorn back into the bag and shake it up. Once you feel the bag has been sufficiently shaken to coat a good amount of popcorn dump it back into the bowl and enjoy!