How to hide marijuana plants outside

In places where it is legal to grow marijuana plants outdoors, it is often necessary to hide them from potential thieves who will wait until the end of their life cycle to snatch them up. For this reason it is a good idea to try and hide any marijuana plants which you are growing outdoors. The first, and most important consideration will be soil, and this can be a real pain in the ass to get out to a grow site if it is far off the beaten path, but will be essential. One technique which is very common is to take some 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled into the bottom, and literally dig a giant hole and then put the bucket and your plant into the ground. But that just takes care of the normal issues of growing cannabis outdoors, and the bigger issue, and the focus of this article is to look at how to make sure your plants are safe and hidden!


So there are a few plants which have been used to help camouflage a marijuana grow. Corn tends to be really popular but the color of cannabis is slightly darker, and can sometimes be spotted by helicopters flying overhead. However for a backyard grow, a nice circle of corn with a few plants on the inside can work well. Another trick with corn, is that you can plant bean vines at the same time as your corn. The beans will grow up the corn stalks as it grows, and make it denser and more difficult to see through.

A plant which resembles marijuana in both color and foliage is stinging nettles, which can also deter potential thieves from wanting to venture into your garden and also help hide the plants. However, when using them to disguise a grow it will be imperative that you are fully covered to avoid a nasty rash. Even brushing your hand gently up against these will cause them to break out and sting.

Giant ragweed is a very dense plant with heavy ground foliage that is similar in shape and size to marijuana. It also grows very easily, and will help deter any potential thieves looking to chop down your plants. If you want you can also pin some flowers to your plants to further set them apart. But be careful not to use flowers which are too bright and attract attention!

And there’s always the good old standby, the tomato plant. These plants have been used for generations to hide weed grows. And you can also get some twist ties and tie them onto your marijuana plants as well to further disguise them.

But above all else there are a few things that can easily identify something as a marijuana grow. Don’t be an asshole and go into a national park, dig up the ground, bring in a bunch of soil and disrupt the local ecosystem. These forests and parks are national treasures, don’t fuck them up with your grow. There’s all sorts of ways that planting weed in these locations hurts the ecosystem, from soil erosion to the introduction of fertilizers.  Also, don’t expect everything to magically grow back if you clear it all out. There will be a big black spot  in the forest with your plants inside of it.

The last thing is the simplest. DONT TELL ANYONE. Nobody. I don’t care how well you know your friends, they’re still likely to get drunk and blab about your grow. As soon as you tell somebody your grow has been compromised. If you follow these simple precautions you should have a successful experience, and be back for more next year!