New Marijuana Resort set to open in South Dakota

A new marijuana resort is set to open on New Years day on a native american reservation in South Dakota.  The land belongs to the Santee Sioux tribe which has already opened a state of the art casino, and a hotel attached to it.  Tribal President Anthony Reider said. “We want it to be an adult playground,” “There’s nowhere else in American that has something like this.” . The future resort will boast an indoor as well as outdoor music venue, a smoking lounge, and a selection of the finest buds you can find in the Midwest!

The Justice Department had previously outlined a new policy which allows native americans to grow marijuana in a manner similar to how states regulate their own laws regarding cannabis. The Santee Sioux tribe is blazing the trail, and will be the first of its kind.  However, other reservations are expected to follow as it is estimated to bring revenue of two million dollars a month. Which would be another huge influx of money into the local economy. Nearby Pine Ridge reservation suffers from some of the most extreme poverty in the US, with over 80% unemployment, rampant alcoholism, and a yearly average income of just 6,700$ a month.

Reservations were given their own governance years ago, and it was only recently that laws have eased regarding the growing of cannabis on tribal lands.  South Dakota also hosts the world’s largest biker rally in Sturgis which will definitely help drive some traffic to the new pot shops opening nearby.