Bitcoin offers a unique alternative to the marijuana industry


The multi billion dollar cannabis industry is surging throughout the world. There’s one big problem with all the money that these new marijuana companies are making, and that is that there’s no place to put it. Federal regulations prohibit the sale of marijuana, and therefore many banks (which are insured by FDIC federally) refuse to work with the booming marijuana companies that so many are dying to invest in.

The solution is Bitcoin. Hands down, it’s the perfect vehicle to move money safely, and securely, and can even be used to automate sales in an increasingly digital market . Gone are the days of when people need to be breaking the law on the dark web looking to buy marijuana, they’ll (hopefully) soon be able to do it legally through dispensaries who will deliver to your front door.

The marijuana industry which spawned the green rush in Colorado, is projected to grow by 50 billion by 2026, and as the market continues to explode, the need for a financial solution to dealing with all of the money coming in is still a problem. Bitcoin is the solution.


SinglePoint and POSaBIT are two companies currently working on trying to create a payment system for dispensaries using bitcoin. They’ve even created their own crypto currencies PotCoin and HempCoin