Marijuana Thanksgiving Recipes

Making a marijuana infused Turkey is a two step process that simply requires you to first create a infusion that will cook with the turkey. To do this, you need Cannabudder, and lots of it.  Just clean and prep your turkey as you normally would, but then slather on a heaping portion of cannabudder under the skin, and if you really want to give your turkey a good dose, then you can literally inject it into the meat!

For a sweet potatoe casserole you’re going to want do the same (noticing a trend here yet?) and simply use cannabudder in generous amounts on the inside of the sweet potatoe casserole as it’s cooking.  Basically wherever you see a dish that needs butter, you can just substitute it with cannabudder and you’re off to the races!

Dinner rolls are a real simple food that can be infused with cannabis, just be careful that all your Thanksgiving guests don’t mindlessly keep eating them otherwise they’ll be laid out! Substitute cannabis infused milk and butter in place of the suggested amounts.

You can’t go without pumpkin pie, and even though you may be ready to all lay out on the couch, take a moment and have some dessert!  So, where’s all the butter go when making a pie? You got it, it’s all about the crust baby. Use up that hefty slab of cannabudder you’ve been dying to use, and substitute the butter in the crust with cannabis infused butter. You can also infuse weed into the whipped cream as well, wherever there’s fat, all the good stuff in weed will want to stick to it. You’ll be sure to make all your Thanksgiving tokers pass out into both a food coma as well as a couch locked daze by the end of the day!