Go Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Marijuana Infused CBD

These yummy little chocolate covered coffee beans aren’t meant to make you lethargic, chilling on the couch after a long days work, they’re made to be productive potsmokers little helper to ensure that you stay proactive! I approached these little guys as a bit of a noob. I don’t drink a lot of coffee or use a lot of caffeine in any way so your caffeine tolerance may vary. I’m a big fan of the 1 to 1 ratio of THC to CBD in general, and am warming up to a lot of strains that are also an even 1 to 1.

But on to my experience chomping on these little chocolate covered wonders. I popped two of them, considering I can usually function fine on a 10mg gummy.  After about 15 minutes I could feel the body high beginning to kick in, which is a tell tale sign that edibles are working. After around 25 minutes I was extremely lucid and hyper focused. I can see why so many use these during the day.  Since I’m a painter I got into working on a new piece, but even then my mind was racing a bit too much so I went for a walk to burn off some energy and had a great time just enjoying the fresh air and letting my ideas flow through my mind.

I thought that I should give them another go, so I popped just one of them the next day around 10.  I found this to be the perfect medium and even took a little toke to even it out a bit.  I was productive, focused, and alert while also getting a heady mind high and body buzz. I don’t know what it is about high CBD products but they tend to make me quite alert. This combined with the caffeine in the coffee can really give you a jolt.  I’d recommend these for someone who has already made a clear plan of what they want to do.  If you pop a couple and have no plans, you may get antsy and experience some anxiety.