Dream Berry Haze Willie’s Reserve

Put on some Barry White and light some candles because this weed is gonna make you chill. Honestly, in all my years of reviewing different marijuana strains I have rarely come across a product as well rounded as Dream Berry Haze from Willies Reserve (Willie Nelson’s pot company) . I don’t even know if I want to smoke anything else at this point.

So lets get into it. The buds on this beautiful plant look soft and silky. You know when you get some weed and its just perfectly cured. This means the buds don’t crumble in your hands, they just slowly break apart with a little “poof” sound. They’re light and fluffy and perfectly dusted with crystals. Sorry, I just can’t help myself, I absolutely love this strain.

Dream Berry Haze is a mix of Blue Dream and Blackberry and the results are truly those that dreams are made of. It’s got a citrusy smell and flavor that lingers in your mouth after taking a puff. Really, there’s something about this that really just sits in your mouth and hangs out. It isn’t a diesel or chem dog sort of taste but rather the remnants of blackberries eaten on a sunny summer afternoon in the park. Dream Berry is a Indica dominant strain , but my budtender claimed the sativa indica split was close to 50/50. Whatever it is, it certainly does balance out the weed.

I can’t recommend this strain enough for those looking for an end of the day one hit wonder to relax into the couch. But the weird thing is, that I also have had good daytime experiences with it as well. Everything is just a bit more chilled out and relaxed. I don’t get a lot of a mindtrip this weed either, it seems that my mind stayed clear while my body just was like “slow down”. If you have a chance then I’d definitely sample some of this. My career reviewing weed may be over at this point because I think I found the top of the mountain. 10 out of 10 stars, rate it as high as you want because it doesn’t get much better than this.