How to use a Pax 2 like a pro

The Pax 2 is the premiere hand held vaporizer and it can be used right out of the box. Upon unboxing it you may feel like you’re holding in your hands an archaic piece of technology. Sort of like an old IPod. It feels sturdy, and is alien like from the get go.

However the Pax 2 is not without its quirks. For a lot of people who go to vaping, they’ve been smoking for years. One thing that a lot of smokers like is that feeling at the back of your throat when you take a big draw. Not to mention those of us who have been taking monster bong hits for years on end. A word to those of you who fit into this boat, you’re not going to get monster hits off the pax like you would off a bong, or even a pipe. It took me about a week to get used to how to use a Pax 2, and now I feel completely comfortable with it. The main thing you need to realize with a Pax, is that you “sip it” , just keep this in mind. My wife was sucking on it like the last few hits on a joint, and I had to tell her to just chill and sip it. This is the only thing that got her out of the habit of just trying to get monster hits.

A Pax 2 is more like a fine wine. You can take smaller hits and enjoy the taste (which is AMAZING…for the first few hits) and puff on it a bit longer than you normally would.

Another strange thing with the Pax 2 is that the screen it comes with is kind of crappy. I ordered an aftermarket screen on Amazon for like 6 bucks and it did wonders. I’m actually surprised that such an awesome company still lets their product go onto the market with such a crappy screen. There’s also this little piece called a “sandwich” that helps keep your weed from going all over the place. Most aftermarket screens come with these as well.

Another thing you’re gonna want is a really fine grinder. I noticed a big improvement just by grinding all of my weed twice. The finer you can grind your weed the better.

A few drawbacks are the fact that it does get pretty smelly, it takes about a minute to warm up at first, and cleaning it is a bit of a pain since you’ve got to dump the bowl out into your hand, then fish the screen out, then dump the baked weed into a jar (save your spent bowls, and make butter with it!) . But I’ve already got more used to this process. At first I was a bit clumsy and I dropped my screen on the ground and spent a stoned minute searching for it.

Overall, I gotta say, I love my Pax 2, and highly recommend it to any cannabis aficionado. I’ll get a little bit more into how the high is different when vaping as compared to smoking in another post. Until then, keep calm and vape on!