Simple and Cheap Hydroponics System

So you’ve decided to get into growing without soil and you’re looking for a simple hydroponics systems which isn’t too complex to set up. Cool, we’ve all been there. You may have done some initial research only to find a variety of different hydroponic methods, and now you’re at a loss as to which one you should choose.  Well, look no further, the answer is here. In my opinion you should simply choose the easiest option, which is called a “Deep Water Culture”. Why? Because it’s simple, and cheap, and will give you all the necessary practice and skill to move on to more advanced methods later.

For this you are going to need to buy a few items.

1. A dark large rubbermaid container ( or equivalent brand )


5.00 Dollars from Wal Mart

2. An aquarium pump


12.00 Dollars at Wal Mart

3. Some black tubing to fit on your aquarium pump ( Spray paint is your friend if you can’t find it )

3.00 Dollars

4. Some hydroponic pots


30 cents each . 2 dollars total

5. A jigsaw


Your friend or neighbor has one they never use. Ask them to borrow it.

6. Clay Pellets


5.00 dollars

7. Nutrients


Vegetative and Flowering combo should run you 40 dollars

8. Light


Obviously, this varies greatly. I suggest getting one of the Hydrofarm 250w bulbs.

50.00 Dollars

9. Rockwool starter cubes for seeds.


5.00 Dollars

10. Grow Light Fixture


70.00 Dollars

10. 5 Seeds

Obviously this can vary. But it’s not impossible to find 5 feminized seeds for a reasonable price.

30.00 Dollars

Total 222 Dollars

So what are you going to do? Well, that’s where your Jedi skills need to come into play. And these obviously vary based upon your critical thinking as well as jigsawing abilities. Anyway, you’re going to cut holes in the top of the rubbermaid container which will allow for the little hydro pots to be fitted into them. Then you’re going to fill up your container with correctly PHd water, and add the proper amount of hydroponic nutrients. You’re going to place the aquarium air pump and the bubbling stones inside the container (cut a hole in the side (..aim high so the water doesn’t leak!…). If you want, you can add a normal aquarium pump to circulate the water more. Then, you’re going to get some seeds to grow. Watch this video for tips on how to germinate seeds, and prepare them for hydroponic growing.

Once you’ve got some roots going, you’re going to transfer your cubes into the growing medium (in this case the pellets). Then you will research the needs of the plant which you are growing and adjust your nutrients according to her life cycle. So mix  vegetative nutes into the water when they are in veg, and mix them flowering nutes when they are flowering. Remember growing is like learning to play an instrument, there will be some pitfalls and successes, however the internet is your friend, and consult her when you are having problems. Gain knowledge. Repeat.

Still confused? Then watch this video. It’s actually much easier to grow hydroponically than most people think.