Marijuana and Sex


For years it was believed that marijuana actually inhibited sex. I know, ridiculous right? Sometimes it’s almost as if the scientific community needs a study to confirm what everyone already knows. But thankfully there are peer reviewed journals and some of those peers knew about how ridiculous the early claims were regarding weed and sex. In fact, they might as well have said that marijuana inhibits appetite, since pretty much everyone who has used it in conjunction with sex surely knows that the effects tend to be quite pleasurable.

Marijuana was actually used thousands of years ago as an aphrodisiac. However using marijuana to treat sexual problems is still not considered an option in many states with medical marijuana. Which is insane, because generally there’s no problem with prescribing Viagra and getting it covered under various health insurance programs.


Much of the values of smoking cannabis prior to sex largely revolve around feelings of inhibition as well as a general increase in euphoria.  The CB1 components of marijuana are widely known to activate the pleasure centers of the brain, and thus one can assume that if one is being pleasured by their partner then this will only increase!

But marijuana isn’t for everyone, in general, more experienced users reported more beneficial effects as opposed to inexperienced users. This is probably due to how the herb can be “handled” by those who understand its effects. Just as experienced cannabis consumers actually do many activities better when stoned, the same can be said for sex. Generally it is assumed that many of the more unpleasant side effects of mixing weed with sex revolve around common “high dosing” problems. You know how people act when they’ve ate one too many brownies? I actually had a friend who refused to allow me to change the channel even though it was playing Lawrence Welk marathon. Needless to say these types are not in the best shape to get ice cream out of the fridge, let alone go down on their partners.

So my advice would be to use marijuana in moderation as an accompaniment to getting down and dirty. Just like a few drinks may relax you a bit, the same can be said for cannabis, just don’t overdo it, or you may end up watching Lawrence Welk instead of your sexy girl/boy undress for you!