When to “top” ( aka Prune or Crop ) your Cannabis Plant

When to “top” ( aka Prune or Crop ) your Cannabis Plant

So you’ve successfully got your marijuana seedlings growing, and they’re becoming more and more bountiful and bushy, and you’re wondering when the best time is to top your plant. This … Continue Reading →


Seattle Seahawks Win is a Win for Weed!

It’s no secret that marijuana is commonly used by athletes, however in the wake of numerous scandals that have rocked the NFL this year involving the abuse of prescription pain … Continue Reading →

Nancy Grace Reefer Madness Part II

Nancy Grace Reefer Madness Part II

There’s an old saying that any publicity is good publicity, and Nancy Grace is certainly no stranger to drumming up loads of negative publicity in order to spike her ratings. … Continue Reading →

Is smoking marijuana bad for your lungs?

Is smoking marijuana bad for your lungs?

Using marijuana frequently ( once a day for 20 years ) has been shown to have no negative impacts on lung health according to the journal Annals of the American … Continue Reading →


New Species of Marijuana Discovered in Australia!

The first thing to understand is that there is a big difference between growers making up their own strains, and finding one which has been stable for literally thousands of … Continue Reading →

bag of weed

The first purchase online was for a bag of weed!

Buying and selling goods online has become commonplace. With sites like Etsy, and Ebay becoming household names. It doesn’t come as any surprise to use however that the first transaction … Continue Reading →

Is your Weed made of Glass and Sand ?

Nancy Grace 2Chainz Interview

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