Recipe: Cooking Cannabis and Chicken

Generally you will find that a lot of edibles are high in sugars. Why is this? Well, mainly because marijuana is not the tastiest herb in the world. I know, … Continue Reading →


New study: Marijuana use not associated with drop in IQ

    Using cannabis by young adults has been shown not to be related to changes in IQ according to a new study which was shown at the European College … Continue Reading →

The Marijuana Show

The Marijuana Show

A new reality show focused around marijuana, called unsurprisingly “The Marijuana Show” will launch on November 18th. Dubbed as being a cross between Shark Tank, and The Apprentice. The show … Continue Reading →

Top Ten Videos To Watch While High

Top Ten Videos To Watch While High

What makes a funny video to watch while high? Obviously it’s a question which is up for interpretation, but I’ve found a few common elements in these short videos which … Continue Reading →


Amazing Hand Painted Stash Boxes

I recently stumbled upon the work of a young female Czech artist who makes these amazing hand painted stash boxes. Besides being absolutely gorgeous they are also authentic one of … Continue Reading →


New Article in Time “A Journey For Oil”

Hats off to Time magazine and Red Border Media which has created an awesome short documentary which is an eye opening look into the growers, doctors, family members involved with … Continue Reading →


The Future of Marijuana

A few years ago voters in Colorado and Washington made the decision that they had had enough of the prohibitionist policies of the last century and that it was time … Continue Reading →