How marijuana will effect the 2016 presidential race

There are a few reasons why 2016 is shaping up to have marijuana prohibition as an important fringe issue which could help swing states to presidential hopefuls ( Lets be … Continue Reading →


Rosin Technique: Making dabs with a hair straightening iron

If you’re dying to start dabbing but don’t live near a dispensary then a trip to Wal Mart may hold all the necessary equipment needed to start making your own … Continue Reading →


The myth of the lazy stoner

  We’ve all become accustomed to the familiar stereotype of the lazy stoner. Lacking ambition and lounging around with no goals in life. Marijuana users are often the butt of … Continue Reading →


Good music to listen to stoned

So everyone’s musical tastes obviously differ greatly so in no way does this top ten list pertain to everyone’s taste. But in keeping with the spirit of democracy all four … Continue Reading →


Best marijuana strains for creativity

With the rise of designer marijuana strains everybody wants different qualities and effects maximized. As a working artist I’ve tried various strains over the years to use in conjunction with … Continue Reading →


How to hide marijuana plants outside

In places where it is legal to grow marijuana plants outdoors, it is often necessary to hide them from potential thieves who will wait until the end of their life … Continue Reading →


States which have approved medical marijuana see no increase in usage among youth

A common worry amongst those who support marijuana prohibition is that states which legalize the use of cannabis ( even including medical laws) will see an increase in usage. This … Continue Reading →

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