The Future of Marijuana

A few years ago voters in Colorado and Washington made the decision that they had had enough of the prohibitionist policies of the last century and that it was time … Continue Reading →


Harvesting Outdoor Marijuana Plants

So you’ve waited all summer, and now it’s trime to harvest those beautiful cannabis plants which you’ve been nurturing through thick and thin throughout the season. So what’s the best … Continue Reading →


Marijuana Death Squads

You want to blast off to planet Zoltran, and experience some music which doesn’t fit into the pre-conceived notoins of rhythm, structure and the satanic 4/4 structure of contemporary pop … Continue Reading →


Stoner Films: Kid Cannabis

Our latest addition to the Stoner Films series we have Kid Cannabis which stars Jonathan Daniel Brown as Nate Norman who is an 18 year old high school drop out. … Continue Reading →


Making Marijuana Juice for E Cigarette Vaporizers

Gone may be the days of “smoking carcinogens” in marijuana! As cigarette smokers continue to be hampered by new laws legislating just where you can light up, e-cigarettes have begun … Continue Reading →


Marijuana and Sex

For years it was believed that marijuana actually inhibited sex. I know, ridiculous right? Sometimes it’s almost as if the scientific community needs a study to confirm what everyone already … Continue Reading →

Cropping and Topping

Cropping and Topping

Cropping and Topping refers to a marijuana cultivation technique which involves “topping” or pruning the main stalk of the plant early on in life in order to produce two new … Continue Reading →