Harvesting Outdoor Marijuana Plants

So you’ve waited all summer, and now it’s trime to harvest those beautiful cannabis plants which you’ve been nurturing through thick and thin throughout the season. So what’s the best way to do it? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You’re going to want to first not water the plants for at least a week prior to cutting them down. If you’re unsure about when to harvest then check out my other article about how to tell if your plant is ready for harvest here.


So the first step is to simply cut the plants down, remove the leaves with a pruning scissors ( or a regular scissors will work fine as well.) and then hang them to dry and dark and cool and dry place. Notice how the word “dry” is bold. Yeah, that’s because if it’s not dry, you risk the chance of getting bud rot and having all of your plants turning to mold. Not good. So then you’re going to need to cut a series of strings which can be hung from the ceiling and hang your plants upside down. You’re doing this to get rid of any excess water remaining in the plants. You probably pinched a bud and tried to dry it early to smoke right? well, that’s ok, but you also probably noticed that it smoked like shit. That’s what the drying and curing process is for.

Make sure you bring a fan into the space, to circulate the air. The best possible option is to use the same space you use for growing, since this should already have good ventilation. And then dry your plants there. However if you are growing outdoors then this obviously isn’t an option. So put them somewhere dry, and dark, and let them dry there!

After about a week you’ll notice that if you snap the stalk of the plant that it slightly snaps. It will still be a bit “rubbery” since all the water isn’t gone yet, but a slight snappy sound is a good sign. Once this is achieved you can then put the buds into a mason jar to cure. Open up the jar daily, tossle the contents about, and then seal it again. You’re weed will be ready to smoke in about two weeks, but of course you can pinch as you go along.

Marijuana Death Squads


You want to blast off to planet Zoltran, and experience some music which doesn’t fit into the pre-conceived notoins of rhythm, structure and the satanic 4/4 structure of contemporary pop music? Then sit back, light one up and let marijauana death squads make your mind melt. MDS sit somewhere between improvisation, psychedelia, and Kenny G. Imagine you take the biggest bong hit of your life, and then waltz into a performance which is a rap battle between Flash Gordon and Mighty Mouse with the band from the bar in Star Wars Episode IV making the beats. John Cage and Lady Gaga get into a fist fight in hell.

Stoner Films: Kid Cannabis


Our latest addition to the Stoner Films series we have Kid Cannabis which stars Jonathan Daniel Brown as Nate Norman who is an 18 year old high school drop out. He teams up with an older friend to create a huge marijuana traficking ring which spans the US/Canadian border. The film is a refreshing look into the old medium of stoner flicks, and Jonathan Brown is the perfect fit for the modern day small time dealer who gets in over his head. The film is basically a mix of the common teen “searching for meaning” genre which happens to also be about weed.

I give the film 4 out of 5 nugs.


Making Marijuana Juice for E Cigarette Vaporizers


Gone may be the days of “smoking carcinogens” in marijuana! As cigarette smokers continue to be hampered by new laws legislating just where you can light up, e-cigarettes have begun replacing the butts. A healthier alternative ( even though the science is still out as to the detrimental aspects which could be attributed to using e-cigs) is most likely to be to buy some juice and fill up a “pen” to get your nicotine fix. But, of course, cannabis connoisseurs the world over all thought the same thing as they gazed at those puffing on vape. “Could you use a vape pen to smoke marijuana?” . Well, the answer turns out to be Yes! And you can even learn how to make your own vape oil yourself! Double win. I know. There are already some pens made especially for waxes, and many of these work great, however I am interested in just making some juice for your run of the mill e-cig you can buy at your local tobacco shop.

So, the juice is generally made from a few commonly available ingredients. They include Propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Use only 100% usp food grade vegetable glycerine! Another fun thing which can be done with making tinctures or vape juiec is to mix your flavors up a bit. For instance you could add some mint to marijuana and get a minty marijuana mix!

So, the first thing you’re going to need is at least 5 grams of weed. Take this and seriously grind it until it’s dust. Sometimes it’s best to actually let the weed totally dry out before grinding it to ensure that you’re essentially turning that weed to dust. If you’ve got access to kief, then even better! After it’s all ground up you can let it sit for another day to get even more dry and allow some of the green matter to fall away. Next you’ll need 2 to 4 ounces of the highest proof alcohol you can find. Like everclear. DO NOT use rubbing alcohol or any shit like this. Make sure it’s drinkable!


Put everything into a mason jar and then fill it up with your everclear. If your weed starts sucking up some of the alcohol, then simply add more. Shake it like a mad man, and then find a dark place to store it for 2 weeks. Every day you should go and check on it and shake it up again. After two weeks have passed (generally the longer you wait, the better) get a strainer and separate out all the plant matter from the leaves and buds (cheese cloth works well for this. ) Sterilize a new jar to hold your tincture, and now add in 3 parts of your food grade glycerin. Put the lid on tightly and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Now your juice is ready to roll. You can get a syringe or some other sucking device which will allow you to transfer the oil from the jar into a little epen juice bottle. Get a feel for it, usually a few puffs will do the trick, but obviously this depends greatly on your tolerance as well as how potent the mixture you created is. Vape on!

Here’s a video if you still have questions!

Marijuana and Sex


For years it was believed that marijuana actually inhibited sex. I know, ridiculous right? Sometimes it’s almost as if the scientific community needs a study to confirm what everyone already knows. But thankfully there are peer reviewed journals and some of those peers knew about how ridiculous the early claims were regarding weed and sex. In fact, they might as well have said that marijuana inhibits appetite, since pretty much everyone who has used it in conjunction with sex surely knows that the effects tend to be quite pleasurable.

Marijuana was actually used thousands of years ago as an aphrodisiac. However using marijuana to treat sexual problems is still not considered an option in many states with medical marijuana. Which is insane, because generally there’s no problem with prescribing Viagra and getting it covered under various health insurance programs.


Much of the values of smoking cannabis prior to sex largely revolve around feelings of inhibition as well as a general increase in euphoria.  The CB1 components of marijuana are widely known to activate the pleasure centers of the brain, and thus one can assume that if one is being pleasured by their partner then this will only increase!

But marijuana isn’t for everyone, in general, more experienced users reported more beneficial effects as opposed to inexperienced users. This is probably due to how the herb can be “handled” by those who understand its effects. Just as experienced cannabis consumers actually do many activities better when stoned, the same can be said for sex. Generally it is assumed that many of the more unpleasant side effects of mixing weed with sex revolve around common “high dosing” problems. You know how people act when they’ve ate one too many brownies? I actually had a friend who refused to allow me to change the channel even though it was playing Lawrence Welk marathon. Needless to say these types are not in the best shape to get ice cream out of the fridge, let alone go down on their partners.

So my advice would be to use marijuana in moderation as an accompaniment to getting down and dirty. Just like a few drinks may relax you a bit, the same can be said for cannabis, just don’t overdo it, or you may end up watching Lawrence Welk instead of your sexy girl/boy undress for you!

Cropping and Topping

Cropping and Topping refers to a marijuana cultivation technique which involves “topping” or pruning the main stalk of the plant early on in life in order to produce two new stalks which will necessitate the growing of more marijuana per plant (essentially you cut off the top), and then “cropping” which refers to a technique which involves bending the top branches of a plant down until they barely snap, and then allowing the plant to heal itself.

First you have to be sure that they are mature enough (they can’t be too little or you may kill them). This video will help you understand how to see when to top your plant.

And once you’ve got mature enough marijuana plants you can then just simply cut off the top of the plant. There’s even another technique called FIMing where you leave some of the leaves. It’s up to you to decide which one you like more, or get bettre results with. Here’s a video that shows you how to do both.

Now, after you’ve topped your plants you’re going to want to give them some time to rejuvenate. A few weeks should do the trick . Or until they are big and strong and a few weeks before the budding cycle will begin. Basically you just pinch a branch, grip it with your thumb and index finger, and roll it a bit as you break the stem of the plant. Here’s a video which shows you how.



Stiletto Stoners

Gone are the days of the tie dye and hemp necklaces associated with stoner culture, and introducing the new brand of cannabis consumer. Stiletto Stoners. These women often have high powered jobs, and are extremely motivated but that doesn’t stop them from indulging in a few puffs of marijuana every now and then. Successful and “corporate” pot smokers are now on the rise, and are coming out of the shadows due to the legalization efforts across the nation. The stereotypical stoner will soon resemble the town drunk, while more martini inclined cannabis connoisseurs take their place.

In the last year it is estimated that 8 million women toked up, which comes out to about one in every 15 women in the US ( and yes…That includes children and the elderly so the number for 18-40 year old will be much higher. .