Is Smoking Resin Bad For You?

So you’ve ran out of buds, and your old pipe full of gooey resin is staring at you. Is it a good idea to smoke resin, and what will the effects be? First thing to remember is that resin has already gone through the combustion process, which simply means that the majority of thc will have been burned off. However, there are trace amounts left in the tar.  So to answer the question “will smoking resin get you high?”, the short answer is yes, but probably not for long, and probably not that pleasurable either. I can tell you from personal experience that it seems like a good idea, and you’ll probably catch a buzz for 15 minutes but then it’s naptime! 🙂 For whatever reasons, everyone I spoke to about this article reported having felt extremely tired after smoking resin. And they unanimously agreed that they had moved beyond that. If you really need to smoke some resin perhaps you should take a tolerance break for a bit and regroup.  It tastes like shit, it barely works, it is full of carcinogens (so no, it’s not healthy for you) and it will leave you tired. Yuck. Thumbs down all around!