Princess Leia is a Sativa dominant strain available at Terrapin in Boulder, Colorado. Upon inspection this bud really sets itself apart from the pack as it is absolutely caked with trichomes, and has a lime green color that is almost fluorescent. Peincess Leia is a hybrid strain of Cinderella 99 and Lemon Alien Dawg.  It’s got a extremely strong smell of citrus with some “old sock” hints (probably some Cheese lineage in there somewhere) .  Upon smoking it is actually quite fruity and sweeter than it smells.

Being a Sativa the high is quite uplifting, and for some reason, it is also quite giggly.  This is a good social stone in my opinion and would be paired well with a craft beer and some boardgames.  The body high from it seemed pretty intense and I would advise any noob smokers that this strain does pack quite the punch, so be prepared.  All those sugary crystals you see covering the buds does translate into some seriously strong weed.  So take a few puffs and then chill if you’re just beginning to smoke. More experienced smokers can roll up a joint of this and get completely blitzed.  Princess Leia has been purported to be good for those suffering from ADHD and in need of focus , however I don’t have ADHD so I can’t vouch for that! If you like Durban Poison or other strong Sativa’s and are looking for a good strain for energy then I think you’ll be quite happy with the effects of Princess Leia.