If you’re searching for a high CBD strain with a little bit of a kick, then The Queen is just what you’re looking for. Take a look at the crystals on those buds interspersed with all the orange hairs. From the get go, you’ll see that The Queen has a very distinctive look .  For as crystally as it is, it is actually a low THC strain, coming in at just around 7% THC compared to around 16% CBD .  I’ve tried a few high CBD strains in the past, and to be honest I never really liked them, but The Queen is truly something a bit different. I smoked it, and then was like “oh, that’s weird”. I don’t really know how else to say it, it truly is a different type of high. All body and no brain for me, it’s like…my body felt relaxed and a bit gummy, but my brain was still like “did I need to smoke more of this?” . I attribute this to just being accustomed to higher THC strains.  I ended up mixing this strain (which was a recommendation of the budtender) with a bit of Long’s Peak Blue and damn it was good.  For those looking strictly for a medical CBD strain to be a good daytime toker, then I’d give this a try.

In terms of taste it’s actually a bit schwaggy, it’s obviously not been bred with some yummy flavors in mind. It’s meant to just do the job.

I’d pair this strain with . It’s super light