So you’ve been hearing about Cannibidiol ( CBD ) and the numerous health benefits that can be had be ingesting it. But what exactly is Cannibiol? And why is Coca Cola even eyeing a CBD coke product? Cannabidiol is basically just one of the many chemicals that is found in marijuana.  Out of the hundreds of different compounds within cannabis, Cannabidiol is by far the most studied. It’s also one of the most highly concentrated compounds in weed. CBD is most widely known for its health benefits, as opposed to THC which is known to get those who ingest cannabis “high”.

So, I’m going to be honest because I think it’s important to be honest when dealing with anyone who is looking for information regarding a serious disease.  CBD studies are still in their infancy, and due to the illegality and difficulty of studying marijuana it’s unfortunately been a substance which hasn’t been studied very in depth. WIth that being said, you can google yourself and find numerous studies about the benefits of using CBD.  The most notable is CBDs ability to shrink the growth of cancer and tumors, treating nausea associated with chemotherapy, ALzheimer’s patients, epilepsy, and anxiety.  So if you’re suffering from any of these ailments I’d suggest poking around the internet and finding reputable sites that can go more in depth to what’s actually happening while using CBD.  However, there does seem to be a consensus of individuals that using CBD can treat a wide variety of ailments. Most notably would be epilepsy in children, as it was documented in Sanjay Gupta’s special on marijuana. In the video you see a young girl who is suffering from multiple seizures a day, and through the use of CBD (they created a CBD high strain just for her called Charlotte’s WeB) her symptoms are brought under control quite quickly.

Everyone has heard of the paranoid stoner who is more anxious than chill. Well, CBD is seen as a force for balancing out these types of more negative thoughts associated with smoking marijuana. Basically, over the years the marijuana industry sought to make extremely potent marijuana, since most of those smoking it wanted to get “messed up” .  This lead to the creation of strains which are just completed frosted with crystals, and over the years these strains were perfected and CBD was put on the back burner.  But now with states fighting for the legalization of the herb, we’ve also seen an explosion of those looking to cannabis for a variety of medical reasons which has helped literally millions of people.  This has lead to a whole new crop of high CBD strains (some of which I have already reviewed on this site!)