Relaxing music to calm a bad trip

It happens to the best of us. At one moment everything can be fine, and the next everything may be a little twisted. Experts agree that bad trips are generally a mixture of improper dosing, unresolved problems in a users life, or most importantly the environment which is the pulse of a trip. The music below can be streamed for up to 8 hours. It is a soothing mixture of water sounds, rumbling noises, and mellow synth progressions. This can be effective for somebody who is experiencing paranoia from smoking too much weed and get them to calm down.

And here’s another which uses Theta Waves to also induce a state of relaxation in the listener.

When dealing with a bad trip or the paranoia associated with inexperienced users not moderating their dose correctly the most important thing to focus on is breathing, and the constant reassurance that you are going to be ok. Really, you are going to be fine. Just inhale, and think of clouds floating by, and exhale. Another good relaxation technique is to make yourself aware of what it feels like to be tense, and feel what it’s like to be at rest. So while lying on your back, you can inhale, and tense up a muscle in your leg, and then exhale, and feel that tension fade away as you relax. Continue with this every muscle in your body until you are completely relaxed. Listen to the soothing background music, and let it come into your ears, and then fade away slowly. Breathe in. Breathe out. Wax on. Wax off. You’re going to be ok.