Best High CBD low THC strain in Colorado

Over the years I’ve realized that for my particular ailment (anxiety) and my daily needs has lead me to high CBD low THC strains.  I’ve scoured everything available in and around Denver CO, and I came up with my top pick. Which is Lemon G, from Terapin. This strain is rated at around 14% THC content with around the same for CBD. This is a strange which is the great ganddaughter of the legendary G13 (a government strain made for medical patients). It’s around 70% sativa and 30% indica , and gives you a relaxed high at first which then morphs into the sativa rich high that we all know (energetic, giggly, ambitious) .  I generally get mine from Terrapin which has various locations throughout Colorado. The experience for me has always been good and chill and I need to work all day, so this isn’t one that makes me couch locked. I highly recommend it for those who need a strain to help with anxiety or social situations, but also need something that will give a little kick (that’s the indica rearing its head) and let me know that I’ m still smoking highly potent weed.


The strain was actually developed in the Midwest, and is known for its roots in Ohio. In a world dominated by strains from Amsterdam and LA, Lemon G stands out as being a strain which is truly American and unique.