Guy Bakes Space Cakes, Delivers them to Police Stations

This guy in Texas got busted for assaulting a police officer, as part of his sentence he had to do community service. So he supposedly baked a bunch of cookies … Continue Reading →

Cannabis for Kids

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  • June 13, 2010
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This woman has a son a with autism and she began treating him with marijuana brownies. Apparently she feels that marijuana saved her sons life. His weight had dropped severely … Continue Reading →

FREE MARC campaign at Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s Office

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  • June 12, 2010
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Montel, Why Don’t You Just Take Your Medicine

Montel Williams lights up after the Sheriff advizes him that’s it’s apparently no problem in Maine. He remarks “Montel, Why Don’t you just take your medicine” at which point Montel … Continue Reading →

Mr Nice

Howard Marks, 64, wrote his autobiography after being released from a seven-year jail stint. The film, named after the book of the same name, also stars CHLOE SEVIGNY. Candyman director … Continue Reading →

CNN Skews the Marijuana Debate… again

CNN piece on legalizing marijuana under the Obama administration. 15 million people have admitted to using marijuana in the last month. 40 percent of all drug arrests are for marijuana.