Will You Get Higher if you Hold in Your hit?

I’m with chubbs and tang. From personal experience, if you hold in a hit longer you will get higher. It makes sense because the THC will have a longer time … Continue Reading →

Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is a hand held charcoal filter which hides the smell of marijuana smoke. If for some reason you need to conceal the smell of weed, then the … Continue Reading →

Profiles in Marijuana Reform: Rick Steves

  • By Weedabix
  • February 18, 2009
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a talk with rick steves about marijuana Continue Reading →

Marijuana Century Club

  • By Weedabix
  • February 17, 2009
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Hahahahaha. This is actually a really good scientific test showing that it is absolutely impossible to overdose on marijuana. These guys try to take 100 bonghits in 100 minutes. Ridiculous. … Continue Reading →

Tim Meadows Marijuana Warning

  • By Weedabix
  • February 17, 2009
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All the reasons pot is bad for you. A scene from the movie Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

4 bong hits for 4 great stoners – SHOUTOUTS

We here at Endo.Tv love the idea of people using video sharing sites such as youtube to spread the international love of the Herb. People from all over the world … Continue Reading →

Stupid Blonde Bitch Takes on Phelps on “The View”

elizabeth hasslebeck from the view takes on michael phelps. Continue Reading →