High Scream Marijuana Ice Cream Recipe

High Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for High Scream!

And here’s a great recipe on how you can make marijuana ice cream at home! This is really not the simplest recipe and it will take time to perfect. The guy in the video is very thorough in his explanation of the recipe.

1/2 gallon half and half
12 egg yolks
vanilla flavouring
3 cups of sugar
1/4 ounce “decent” marijuana

Grind up your buds, stems and all, but make sure to get the seeds out.

You ll also need a whisk, and a plastic or wood spatula
a double boiler, or a pot with a pyrex dish inside it

1st step
pour the half and half into your pan (don’t let the pyrex dish touch the bottom of the pan, it can crack the pyrex!)
Make sure you don’t scorch your half and half, don’t burn it, and by no means use any milk. You want to use something that has a really high fat content. That’s what the THC will bind to.

Gently heat your half and half at a low simmer. Stir regularly, and watch the pot so the mixture doesn’t boil over. Once the mixture is around 170 degrees it’s time to add your other ingredients. If you don’t have a thermometer look at the sides of the pan. You should see tiny bubbles beginning to rise.

Add your ground up buds to the mix.
Don’t let it get too hot, this will curdle the milk.
Stir regularly. Keep checking on it for an hour. Then, after an hour, let it cool for another hour. I know, you want to eat your marijuana ice cream now! But if you wait just for one hour the cream mixture will become more potent.

While this is cooking you’re going to make another mixture. Take three cups of sugar and mix it with 12 egg yolks. Add 3 tablespoons of vanilla flavor to this mix.

Take a ladle full of your simmering mixture, and add it to your sugar/egg yolk mixture. This prevents the eggs from scrambling and brings your second mixture slowly up in temperature. Continue to add the cream mixture into the sugar mixture slowly.
After they’ve been adequetly mixed you can add your egg/sugar mixture into your cream mixture.
Stir it constantly for 5 to 10 minutes.
Once it begins to thicken you want to let it sit and cool down. You don’t want to immediately stick it in the fridge.
Once it is cooled. Get some completely sealed containers. Fill them up. Pop them in the fridge and you’ve got High Scream! yum yum! 🙂