Best Soil For Growing Weed

Many times the question is asked. What is the best soil for growing weed? Well. This really depends on a few different factors. If you live in a larger city there should be a grow shop. If there is then you’ll want to buy FoxFarm. It’s a great organic soil mix which is great for growing marijuana. If you don’t have the luxury of having a real grow shop you can hit up your local wal mart. There are a lot of different soil recipes available and everybody got their own favorite way of mixing their soil, but sometimes i think it borders more on the superstitious. Basically your soil needs to hold water, but not be too dense. This is why perlite is often added, it stays wet for a long time and also aerates the soil. One n00b mistake you don’t want to make is to pack your soil down too hard. Once you’ve potted your clone or your seed keep it a little fluffy. firm. but fluffy. word. Id stay away from manures, and go more towards the potting soils. You can add some sheep manure or bat guano if you wish. This will give the soil more nutrients, but you should be giving your plants nutes anyway so in terms of a growing medium ( soil ) I’d honestly just go for the regular potting soil. Maybe a little sand and couple extra handfulls of perlite and you’re golden. Don’t worry too much about checking your PH. Oh shit. I forgot. You might not know what PH is.

(takes deep breath)

pH is the way we determine how acidic or basic a solution. Basically just think of it as a test for acidity. It has a scale which goes from 1 to 14. If the number is lower it gets more acidic, higher the number the more alkaline. 7 would be the center of the scale and consequently it’s also ideal for growing weed.

Check out these different elements and their varying ph levels.
-.2 Battery Acid
1.2 Gastric fluid
2.2 Lemon juice
3.6 Orange juice
4.4 Beer
5.6 Pure Rain
6.6 Milk
7.0 Distilled water (H2O)
8.0 Seawater
9.2 Baking soda (NaHCO3)
10.6 Milk of Magnesia (Mg(OH)2)
11.4 Household ammonia (NH3)
12.8 Household bleach (NaClO)
13.6 Household lye (NaOH)

So that’s what pH is. If you’re super anal you can take a sample to a garden store and they’ll put it into a machine and tell you the pH of the soil. As I said before, in terms of your soil, if you buy it as potting soil, then you’ll be ok with your pH levels. Now what you really want to check is the pH of your water. But we’ll get to that later.