News Anchor Laughs at Idiot Cop who Called 911 Stoned

I mean really. It’s hard not to laugh at this idiot of a cop who dialed 911 after ingesting some pot brownies. I wonder how many smokers this pig arrested being getting his ass handed to him. I may not believe in Karma, but still. This idiot cop had it coming to him and its always funny to Schadenfreude all over someones face when they get busted. Kind of like when that pig of a preacher ted Haggard got busted snorting crystal meth off of a prostitutes ass. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if he was a normal guy. But like most anti drug warriors these people are hypocrites and don’t even believe in what they’re doing. they know that Marijuana is a harmless drug yet they continue to lock people up for using it. Just taking orders doesn’t cut it pal. Their backs will be up against the wall soon enough. Fuck em. In the meantime we can just get stoned and laugh at them. They are their own worst enemy. Fucking Pig pieces of shit.