Swat Team Raids Home, Then Starts Playing Video Games

A swat team storms a drug dealers home. In full paramilitary regalia the anti-drug unit busted in through the front door with guns drawn. Luckily the home owner wasn’t home, but it was what the swat team did next which stunned the home owner. You see he had set up a video surveillance system of his entire home. As the other cops began rummaging through his belongings, a few others decided to turn on the flat screen, fire up the wii, and start bowling! The crazy thing is that this wasn’t just a few moments that these cops stuck around (imagine how they left the fridge and the chips supply!) They stayed there for 9 long hours! A wii bowling tournament developed and the soon 13 officers and 3 sargeants could all be seeen playing the game throughout the duration of the “raid”. In all seriousness, this is somewhat funny to see that cops are goofballs, but on the other hand. This raid alone most likely cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention all the logistical support that led up to this moment. We must remember that these individuals are also being paid by the tax payer, and they are receiving billions of dollars a year fighting a “war” that the American people don’t support, and believe is unwinnable.