New Article in Time “A Journey For Oil”

Hats off to Time magazine and Red Border Media which has created an awesome short documentary which is an eye opening look into the growers, doctors, family members involved with treating young children’s epileptic seizures via medical marijuana.  As readers of this blog will know I’ve always been very careful to make sure any claims which I’m making can be backed by hard science. And as I am not a scientist myself, but rather a blogger, I must encourage anyone with any medical issues to speak with a medical professional before treating a young child with Cannabis.

However, it is becoming clearer and clearer that by using cannabis many patients, including young patients are making miraculous and in some cases life saving improvements via the use of medical marijuana. It’s absolutely enraging that the government is still standing in the way of research into the medical benefits of marijuana since it is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic, which, according to the DEA, means that marijuana is more dangerous and has a higher propensity for abuse than PCP, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Opium. Yes, if you want to change anyone’s mind into the insanity which is the Drug War just bring up this fact.  Recreational use, and personal liberties aside, cannabis needs to at the very least be rescheduled so research can be done which will literally save dying children’s lives.

This, combined with Sanjay Gupta’s Documentary Weed (Which you can watch full online below) are a hard hitting blow against the prohibition industry. They are both focused on the medical benefits of Cannabis, and I wish they’d get more into the reasons why marijuana continues to be demonized and restricted. Nonetheless I can’t recommend these two documentaries enough for anyone skeptical of the benefits of cannabis. Prohibition needs to end, you can’t look these young children in the eyes and tell them that they are going to die because some special interests put profits in locking people up as opposed to saving their lives. Unfortunately today, this is the choice of many politicians and policy makers. Which means that everyone should spread the word about why marijuana prohibition needs to be ended, and those who are making their millions off of prohibition need to be kicked out of office.