Marijuana Use Sky Rockets Amongst Middle Aged Women and Men

Marijuana mom’s are a certainly not a new phenomenon. Lord knows how long middle aged women (just as everyone else) have used marijuana. But with the availability of medical marijuana a new demographic of marijuana users is emerging. Middle aged women, especially moms. Now to all of us who smoke the herb I can’t see why a mom wouldn’t want to relax with a joint because of all the stress and pressures they must endure. And everyone loves moms šŸ™‚

The second half of the story is unfortunately tragic. A man who was using medical marijuana to treat his chronic back pain had his daughter taken away from him. This is the dark side of the drug war, one that tears families in legal red tape. Marijuana use has skyrocketed among older users, and there isn’t any studies so no one really knows the true numbers of older people who smoke. Generally marijuana usage statistics come from teenagers. Older professionals are less likely to tell the truth about their cannabis use as they jeopardize losing their careers. End the Drug War and you’ll End the Federal War Against America’s own Citizens and Families.

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