The War on “Drugs”

This video outlines the tremendous rift between legal and illegal drugs in the United States. Currently half of all Americans are taking some sort of a prescription drug. Now this could be for osteoporosis or some other affliction so let’s take a look at the percentage of americans using psychotropic prescription drugs. Currently we are giving 1 out of every 4 children Ritalin, so that’s 25% of children on just one legal psychotropic substance. Now, according to the DEA this drug alone is abused in half of all those who originally received a prescription. That means that we are making addicts out of nearly one in every ten children! Legally. With just this one drug, Ritalin.

On the other hand we have marijuana which is hated by the pharmaceutical industry for the same reason the beer and tobacco companies are against it. They fear that legal marijuana will take a large bite out of their profit margin. So they use their multimillion dollar coffers to hire lobbyists which go off to washington and persuade legislators to make sure marijuana is kept illegal. It’s a scam, and it’s not how a democracy was supposed to function. But these megacorporations will do everything in their power to keep weed illegal, and when it becomes legal, they’ll be the first who start stealing everyone’s strains and acting as if they made them.