Start a marijuana edibles company!

Uff da! Where to start. Starting a marijuana edibles company is an extremely demanding and competitive process that I know second hand. To get into the real specifics I would first spend a lot of time researching some of the most sucessfull edible companies and look at everything from their packaging, to the local laws they had to deal with in order to determine their success. The first thing to realize is that even though you may make the best brownies this side of the tracks, doesn’t mean you stand a chance in the market. You have to do something which really stands out and makes you unique. We’re living in a niche economy now, and it’s better to think of niches within niches. Which is why we have things like gluten free marijuana edibles. It simply isn’t enough to just have great packaging and a good product, you need to make customers who keep coming back, and for that, you want to tap into another part of that person’s lifestyle.


As we know, everyone is smoking weed now, and so you should start by thinking of who it is you want to target. Do you want to go after a rock climber interested in a protein bar marijuana edible ( see how easy it is to start thinking of names now?) or the pain patient who wants to get relief but stay alert ( perhaps add caffeine to it ). See these are all niches within niches, and in order to get in touch with your demographic ( that’s the fancy word for the type of people who want to buy it ) you should make a huge list of things they like to do, and what sets them apart from others. Play that up, and sell them their lifestyle! This is the marketing end of your approach but is the heart of what your product is.

Once you’ve got the demographic of who you’re trying to sell your marijuana edibles to, you’re going to need to come up with your recipe. Now, again we’re going to have to go back to research, but expand yourself outside of only marijuana blogs. Look at how people who make those “homemade” cookies at your local grocery store get things done. Talk to them. They work their asses off and are full of knowledge about everything from where to buy equipment, to what perservatives to add to give you a decent shelf life without sacrificing taste. Do it! No really. Go and talk to them. Hop on their website, find their contact form, and be honest about your plan and see if you can get some advice. Maybe they’d even be interested in starting a marijuana edibles business with you!

The last part is the trickiest, and for this I’m not even going to try and give advice because you should really just go and talk to a lawyer. Marijuana laws are changing all the time, and competitors who are out of compliance not only have the police to worry about, but other companies who want to shut them down. Make sure you’re in full compliance with the law. This is a business which you are investing time and money into, don’t screw it up by not lawyering up in the beginning and getting all your paperwork sorted.