How much soil does 1 marijuana plant need?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the beautiful pictures of buds blooming in all their glory. But there’s another half to that pot plant you’ve got to think about! The roots! And those roots like to stretch out as far as they can. It isn’t uncommon for literally the same plants to be planted at the same time, and have one which is 30 to 40% smaller just because it was put into too small of a pot. Seriously, don’t mince on these types of things when growing, you’ve got generations worth of work on genetics and people screw it up because they put these plants which are just aching to take in as much sun and water as they can into these skimpy little pots. And you know the result? Skimpy little buds!


So lets cut to the chase. If you want to maximize your yield I would recommend having no less than 25 liters of soil per plant. I know that may sound like a lot, but if you don’t believe me feel free to try the experiment yourself. But, that’s not all when considering soil. Marijuana has become a bit of a sensitive plant due to all of the attention put into breeding the plant. And the genetics have come a long way, but that also means they can be really particular about what they want. So for this reason it’s important to pay attention to a few other factors when growing cannabis with soil.

The first is drainage. For the love of god drill some holes in the bottom of your container or use a proper flower pot. If your water never drains your plants are going to sit in water and get all moldy and die. So you want to ensure that when watering your water drenches all the soil in the container, but still freely flows through it. Even the holes in the bottom of store bought containers can get compacted with soil and prevent proper drainage. For this reason you can put down a layer of sand first at the bottom of your container. This solves some common drainage issues. The other thing to add to your soil is perlite. That’s the white stuff you see in potting soil and it keeps the soil aerated and healthy. But MAKE SURE TO WEAR A MASK WHEN DUMPING IT IN! Seriously, the shit is bad for you in its dry form in the bags. Don’t fuck around and get a little dust mask to protect yourself and yuor lungs.

The second thing to consider with soil is the Ph content. Now, you can get really anal about this if you want, and that’s good. But I’ll tell you that most all of the potting soil you see for sale all around town will be totally fine. In the sales below you can see that PH testers are quite cheap and are very simple to use. To raise your Ph use agricultural lime ( again, cover your face when using this stuff ) and to lower your Ph you can use Potassium Carbonate.

Check this video out for some badass soil mix ideas!