Police say a video of them eating edibles during a raid violates their privacy

In case you haven’t heard, a group of crooked officers in Santa Ana California were caught on video eating edibles (candy bars?!) after raiding a dispensary.  Well, now it seems that the video footage of the incident is upsetting the police officers involved and they’re crying foul that their right to privacy has been violated and that the video in some way had been altered. Their argument is even more ridiculous because in their lawsuit they allege that they thought all of the security cameras had been destroyed and weren’t recording them as they chomped on the edibles they were supposed to be “seizing”.

It appears that the case falls into a law which concerns recording someone in public in California. Where consent is required to record anything. A superior court judge even called the recording “illegal”. Huh? Well if that’s the case then every time I walk into a Wal Mart I’m going to sue the company and force them to erase all the recording they have of me walking around the store. After all, I never knew they had cameras right?! Not to mention dashcams which are prevelent in California. I hope all officers who do any stops first let the person who is being detained know they are being recorded. After all, not doing so could be against the law and open them to lawsuits.

You can watch the entire unaltered video of the incident here.