How close can I keep CFLs to my plants?

One of the benefits of using CFLs ( Or Compact Fluorescent Lights ) is that they produce little heat. These bulbs are excellent for the vegetative period of a plant, but during budding you’re going to want to at least double the amount of light you give them by adding another CFL, or by switching to the tried and true HPS ( 250w is more than enough for a small grow ) . You can see the envirolight available in the sidebar as an example of this.  So, while using CFLs you’re going to want to keep them right on top of your plants. The biggest noob mistake is to have the light too far from the plants. That’s why people use cool tubes on bulbs that produce a lot of heat like the HPS. So I’ve seen growers have their CFLs literally centimetres from the tips of their plants. This will produce a bushier plants which will result in more nodes, which translates to more buds. And we all like having more buds.