Dark Blue Dream

Dark Blue Dream is quickly becoming a favorite as it combines the more psychedelic elements of a crowd favorite, which is Blue Dream with Dark Night’s more chilling and relaxing effects.  This gives it a heady high which is good for creativity and working while also helping your muscles relax. For this reason I would consider this to be a good accompaniment for tasks which involve creativity, but more sedentary by nature. It’s a bit couch locky with a little zip.

The aroma from Dark Blue Dream is quite pungent and strong. There’s almost a plastic smell to it combined with tree sap and skunk.  When smoking it, there’s a hint of blueberry which comes through , but I can’t help but also taste a trace of diesel alongside it.

I picked this batch up at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder Colorado. The budtender was well informed on the subtleties of this new strain, and I felt like I got a good amount for my dollar.


THC 25.35%

CBD 0%