Surprisingly Good Marijuana Debate on Dr Oz

Dr Oz devoted an hour of his show to the medical marijuana debate. Surprisingly, the discussion wasn’t the typical bullshit we generally hear from the mainstream media. Montel Williams as … Continue Reading →

Montel, Why Don’t You Just Take Your Medicine

Montel Williams lights up after the Sheriff advizes him that’s it’s apparently no problem in Maine. He remarks “Montel, Why Don’t you just take your medicine” at which point Montel … Continue Reading →

Montel Williams on Marijuana

  • By Weedabix
  • March 2, 2010
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Many know that Montel Williams is an avid medical marijuana advocate. Montel suffers from Muscular Sclerosis and has found that smoking medical marijuana greatly reduces his symptoms. Someone, for the … Continue Reading →

Montel Williams On Marijuana

  • By Weedabix
  • February 20, 2009
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montell williams talks about medical marijuana Continue Reading →