How to Cure Marijuana

In this video you will see how to cure your marijuana plants after harvesting. After trimming your plant you will hang them up in a DRY environment. If you have good ventilation in your grow room then this is a perfect place to cure your buds for the first few days. The reason why is that the air flow will help dry your plants and this will prevent the dreaded bud rot from forming. You don’t want to have a sucessful grow you’ve been working on for three months on only to find out that they’ve turned to mold during the curing stage. With this being said, don’t rush them. Don’t point fans directly at the plants but instead have air sucked away from them. We want to get rid of all that moisture which is coming out of the leaves as it dries. After hanging the plants for a few days you can see whether or not they are ready to be placed in storage containers by attempting to snap a mid sized stem. If the stem cracks nicely it’s ready. If it’s still bendy and full of juice let it hang for another day or so. The outside buds will get dry as the moisture leaves the leaves (no pun intended) . There will still be a little moisture inside the bud, and that’s ok. We actually want the center of our buds to have a little bit of moisture because when we put them into glass jars they will be air tight. The moisture on the inside of the bud will dissipate into the dry areas and this is what causes a good clean smoke. You should open your containers daily and waft a little air in and out of the container. If you see ANY condensation on your container your buds weren’t dry enough and you need to leave the container open for a little longer. Also if you have some monster buds that you want as trophy buds that’s cool, but remember that the bigger and fatter the bud the higher chance of bud rot. So inexperienced growers should cut the biggest buds in half which will necessitate a more even cure,