Female and Male Marijuana Plants- Determining Sex

It can be really tough to tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant. But you’ve got to learn how to do it sooner or later as it … Continue Reading →

How to Trim Marijuana

  • By Weedabix
  • April 9, 2010
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Great tutorial on how to properly trim marijuana after harvest.

How to tell when to harvest Marijuana

  • By Weedabix
  • March 25, 2010
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Many times the question will come up “when is the best time to harvest marijuana plants?” Well, it’s not exactly rocket science. You are going to look for two separate … Continue Reading →

How to Cure Marijuana

In this video you will see how to cure your marijuana plants after harvesting. After trimming your plant you will hang them up in a DRY environment. If you have … Continue Reading →

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors in the right climate is something we can all dream of doing. The fact of the matter is that the prohibitionists have pushed the plant into hiding … Continue Reading →