Cropping and Topping

Cropping and Topping refers to a marijuana cultivation technique which involves “topping” or pruning the main stalk of the plant early on in life in order to produce two new stalks which will necessitate the growing of more marijuana per plant (essentially you cut off the top), and then “cropping” which refers to a technique which involves bending the top branches of a plant down until they barely snap, and then allowing the plant to heal itself.

First you have to be sure that they are mature enough (they can’t be too little or you may kill them). This video will help you understand how to see when to top your plant.

And once you’ve got mature enough marijuana plants you can then just simply cut off the top of the plant. There’s even another technique called FIMing where you leave some of the leaves. It’s up to you to decide which one you like more, or get bettre results with. Here’s a video that shows you how to do both.

Now, after you’ve topped your plants you’re going to want to give them some time to rejuvenate. A few weeks should do the trick . Or until they are big and strong and a few weeks before the budding cycle will begin. Basically you just pinch a branch, grip it with your thumb and index finger, and roll it a bit as you break the stem of the plant. Here’s a video which shows you how.