How Often Water Marijuana ?

Marijuana is an very hardy plant which can generally handle extremes. But, it’s also kind of a little princess at the same time. With boutique seeds, and strains, all of these strains have special requirements which should be attended to. With that being said, if you’re wondering how often you should water marijuana plants there is a simple answer. Stick your finger into the soil, and if it COMPLETELY dry, then you’re going to want to completely drench the plant to the point where water comes out of the holes of the bottom of your container.  For most systems this will be every 3 to 4 days. However there are huge variables at play, which can your soil to dry out faster, and which will require you to water more often. If you’ve got a ton of airflow, and a lot of heat from your bulbs this will obviously speed up the rate that the water evaporates. If you’re using CFLs or other bulbs which don’t give off a lot of heat you’ll notice that soil stays wet a lot longer since it isn’t being dried by your lamps.

So the simple answer to the question of how often to water marijuana plants can be summed up by saying “when they’re dry” . Why do we wait until the soil is totally dry? Well, because root rot can form if you keep the roots wet for long periods of time. Also, remember that healthy roots will equal healthy plants. When your plant’s soil gets dry ( this is especially important during the vegetative cycle) the roots are going to search for extra moisture. They’ll dig deeper into the soil, and strengthen (much like weight lifting) and then when they finally get watered they’re relieved and make use of water to the best of their ability! All of those little tendrils will drink up the water (make sure it’s PHd correctly!) and transfer it up the marijuana plant within a matter of hours. Often times you can see the plant actually getting greener and healthier throughout the day. Always err on the side of watering less often than more.