Amazing Hand Painted Stash Boxes

I recently stumbled upon the work of a young female Czech artist who makes these amazing hand painted stash boxes. Besides being absolutely gorgeous they are also authentic one of a kind pieces which any cannabis consumer would be proud to keep their stash in. Each one is adorned with a different animal exhaling a monster hit. They are as comical as they expertly painted, and the clear finish on top of them gives them both a beautiful sheen, but also protects these vintage stash boxes for years to come.  I recently purchased the giant octopus box you can see in the gallery below,  and I’ll update with pictures of when I get it, but needless to say, it’s pretty epic!

Studies which have been done into how the brain reacts when handing equipment associated with smoking marijuana have proven to be quite interesting. In what such study researches at University of Texas conducted MRIs of 70 frequent cannabis consumers. They noticed that the reward center of the brain associated with pleasure can actually be triggered merely by handling a pipe, stash box, bong, etc. This means that your high actually starts before you even start smoking weed! There may be a reason why older smokers have frequently stated that they often smoke in the same manner, and with the same gear, as they did when they start. To them, these old wooden stash boxes amazingly also have the power to make them feel high!

Stash boxes, and tins have come in all shapes and sizes over the years. Often they were made from old cigar boxes, or other simple wooden boxes. More specialized containers for pipes and bongs have evolved over the years to include foam lined cases which ensure that your favorite glass piece won’t get damaged.


In the 60s there was a plethora of different craftsmen making everything from stash boxes to carpets and rugs. These older pieces have a bit more character to them, and give off a classy feel when you sit down with that special friend to roll up a joint. Marijuana and weed paraphernalia has really come a long way over the years, and it’s exciting to see the new designs that are developed to supply your local head shop, and  which become the fixtures of cannabis consumers all over the world!


You can buy Jana’s super cool hand painted stash boxes direct from her at her Etsy Shop here.