Best Cartoon to Watch Stoned: D&D

What are the best cartoons to watch when you’re smoking weed? The answers can be as varied as the genomes which make up all the different species in the world. However, I think there are some common elements which can be expounded upon which demonstrate certain attributes that are contained in great stoner cartoons. For this reason I personally gravitate towards the cartoon series “dungeons and dragons” which was made back from 1983 to 1986. This series combines some common elements which make for a great stoner cartoon. First of all it’s not made for stoners, it’s made for kids. Movies like Half Baked and others try to stereotype weed smokers into pre defined roles, and while a lot of us can identify with these characters we also want to see something fantastic, and also somewhat absurd. For this reason the d&d cartoon strides the perfect ledge between absurdity, entertainment, and fantasy. The heroes and the enemies are clearly defined and you know just who you are supposed to root for. The animation is pre-flash which means that there is a certain vulnerability inherit in much of the drawing which also can connect with our insecurities.

When it first came out the cartoon was widely ridiculed as being too violent, and even worse than that, Satanic. Because during the early 80s there was the “Satanist Scare” which was basically a uncoordinated witch hunt across the country looking for anyone different than the norm. At this time the common aesthetic of many of the individuals who participated in counter cultural activities revolved around iconic imagery such as Dragons, Skulls, and Wizards. For this reason the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons was widely ridiculed across the US for being an access point to satanic worship. Nonetheless those who created the D&D cartoon persevered and created a great series full of intrigue and drama.

For your viewing pleasure here is a playlist of 26 episodes! You can watch all of these online. So pop the video to fullscreen, spark up a bowl and relax. There’s no need to feel like you’ve got somewhere to go, or something to do, there’s D&D streaming and it’s all you need for the day. My personal top pick as the best cartoon to watch stoned. If you disagree please share your favorite in the comments!