Nancy Grace Reefer Madness Part II

There’s an old saying that any publicity is good publicity, and Nancy Grace is certainly no stranger to drumming up loads of negative publicity in order to spike her ratings. The woman is so insufferable that it’s almost not even worth commenting, and it’s nearly impossible to believe that she actually believes what she’s saying. No human can possibly be this idiotic. What they can be however, is manipulative and cynical, which is what really is at the heart of the latest “Reefer Madness” interviews which are being circulated of Nancy Grace interviewing various anti-marijuana prohibition advocates on her show. She saw that bringing up pot, and making it evil again got her some ratings, and some clicks on facebook. So don’t expect this one to die out any time soon, she’ll be back with more about the evils of marijuana and it’s obvious she’s actually not interested in dialog, she’s interested in making money. The good news is that Nancy Grace is such a parody of a clueless and old fashioned pro prohibition figurehead that she actually ends up making anyone on the fence about the issue slide farther to wanting to see cannabis at the very least decriminalized for adults to use. Nobody wants to be associated with Nancy Grace, so I say keep up the good work Nancy! Forget about the fact that the most basic pretense of any scientific inquiry is dependent upon the belief that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation. In the same line of thought I’d like to point out that the man who killed his wife also had shaved the morning of the incident, so clearly shaving is making men lapse into psychosis.

Watch the full interview with a guest from Norml, and Dr Drew online here.